Spectracide Vs Bioadvanced Termite Killer

Regarding household pests, termites are one of the most destructive. They can quickly eat through your home and leave you with an expensive repair bill! So when you’re looking for a termite killer that works best, what do you look for?

For starters, how much does each product cost? What ingredients are used in the product, and will they work on all types of termites? And lastly, which is more accessible to use-a liquid or powder?

Spectracide Vs Bioadvanced Table



Active ingredient: Hexaflumuron

Active Ingredients: B-Cyfluthrin 2.5%

See The Results Within A Day

Easy To Use Granuals Kills The Termites

For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Just Sprinkle, Water, And Walk Away

One Quart Covers Up To 16,000 Sq Ft

One Quart Can Treats Upto 21,000 Sq. Ft

Kills Wood Destroying Insects On Contact

Kills 75 Other Listed Pests

Effective Home Barrier Treatment

Create Effective Home Barrier Treatment

Kills Termites, Ants, Carpenter Ants And Other Wood Destroying Pests

It Also Kills Carpenter Bees, Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Crickets, Spiders, Flies

For Use Around Foundations, Outside Buildings, Porches, Woodpiles,

Wooden Fences And Decks

You Can Use Your Home, Garage, Wood Piles And Fence Post

Why Compare?
As homeowners, we want to make sure that the pest control product we use is not only practical but also affordable. Termite treatments can be expensive and difficult to apply. So when it comes time for termite treatment, you may have a tough decision between two popular brands-Spectracide and Bio Advanced Termite Killer.

This article will compare Spectracide and bioadvanced termite killers in terms of cost-effectiveness, ingredients used, ease of use, and more! The goal is to help you find the best option so that your home stays protected from these destructive pests.

Who Needs This Content?
This content should appeal mainly to those with experience with products like these or who are already familiar with the termite problem. It’s also a good resource for those trying to decide which product would be best and who need some guidance in narrowing down their options.

What is Spectracide?
Spectracide Termite Treatment is one of the most popular brands for household pest control products, specifically termiticides. This type of liquid pesticide kills ants, roaches, and other insects on contact and can be used indoors or outdoors as well as on plants.

The active ingredients are Lambda-Cyhalothrin 0.5% and other Ingredients 99.95%. This particular formulation was created by FMC Corporation back in 1998-so it has quite an established history behind it!

This termite spray kills on contact. Some people saw results quickly. This product does not last long, and you may need to apply it again in a while. In this formula, we use a chemical insecticide. But it’s safe after it is dry. Always be careful and read the instructions from the company.

What is Bio Advanced Termite Killer?
Bio Advance Termite killer uses an active ingredient called Active Ingredient Beta Cyfluthrin – 2.5%. This particular formulation also contains a wetting agent and emulsifier to help the product mix better with water and other ingredients that react adversely when mixed. They are designed to kill termites on contact or by ingesting the liquid for up to four months.

This brand was created in 2009, so it’s less established than Spectracide, but it seems like an exciting option nonetheless! You can use this termite treatment indoors or outdoors. However, they recommend doing both if you have any signs of infestation. It only has one known side effect, which includes headaches in some people–so keep that in mind.

The active ingredient, imidacloprid, works in a way similar to fipronil. It kills insects by disrupting communication in their central nervous system. This is less toxic for humans and pets than fipronil. This treatment for termites can only be used outside. It is excellent to operate outside the yard as a perimeter defense.

Our Observer
There are a few main differences to consider when choosing between these two brands. In terms of applying this type of treatment indoors, you’ll find that it takes about five gallons with Spectracide and about four teaspoons with bioadvanced. This seems obvious considering how much more liquid you use in the Spectracide formulation.

The last difference is how easy the two products are to use in different scenarios. For example, one requires a sprayer while the other only needs water! Regarding outdoors treatments, Bio Advance is advantageous because you can apply it with your hands instead of requiring any tools-something that makes sense given its liquid form. So if ease of application is crucial for you, then this may be something to keep in mind.

The difference in application makes BioAdvanced a bit more appealing. However, Spectracide lasts much longer, which may be necessary for those looking to only have one product on hand instead of two! The active ingredient order seems the same as well.

So you’re really deciding between the extra features each option offers. One thing to note is that Spectracide can’t be used indoors. So if you’re looking for a product that works inside your home, Bio Advanced may be the better choice!

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