Ortho Weed B Gon Lawn Weed Killer

Let’s face it – weeds can be quite the troublemakers in our gardens. But when you’re passionate about maintaining a pristine lawn, having the right products at your disposal is essential. The Ortho Weed B-gon Lawn Weed Killer is a solution I recently had the chance to use. Today, I’d like to share my experience with this product.

Feature Description
Type of Weeds Treated Broadleaf weeds including dandelions, clover, chickweed, crabgrass, and more.
Safety for Lawns Safe when used as directed.
Results Visible within hours.
Weed Types Over 250 (refer to label for specifics).
Application Conditions Below 90°F, calm air, young and actively growing weeds.
Frequency of Use No more than twice a year, with at least a 30-day interval.
Rainproof In 1 hour.
Applicator Comfort Wand for easy spot treatment.
Areas of No Use Specified grass types, near water bodies, ornamental plants, gardens, exposed roots, etc.
Guarantee Full refund of purchase price upon unsatisfactory results.

Short Review of Ortho Weed B-gon

Ortho Weed B-gon Lawn Weed Killer promises a lot: the ability to kill over 250+ weeds, rapid results, and, crucially, no damage to your lawn when used as directed. After my hands-on experience, I must say it largely delivers on these promises.

My Experience
Upon receiving the Ortho Weed B-gon Lawn Weed Killer, the first thing I noticed was the convenient Comfort Wand. I was eager to test it out and was pleasantly surprised. No more crouching or manually pumping, this wand made spot treatments a breeze. This is a major win for those who’ve had their share of backaches!

The application process was straightforward, but I had to be extra cautious about following the ‘where not to use’ guidelines. This product is not meant for every green patch or near water bodies. However, for the areas where it was safe to apply, the results were evident in just a few hours, as promised. I was particularly impressed by how it tackled dandelions and clover, two of my lawn’s main culprits.

Another aspect I appreciated was its rainproof quality. Knowing that a sudden rain won’t wash away all my efforts (and the product) gave an added peace of mind. I applied it when the temperature was around 75°F, adhering to the recommendation of applying below 90°F. The weeds were young and actively growing, providing optimal conditions for the weed killer to do its magic.


  • The product definitely lived up to its claim of not harming the lawn. My grass looked unaffected while the unwanted weeds started showing signs of withering.
  • I observed the initial results within a few hours, but complete weed control took a few weeks. Patience is key here.
  • The fact that it kills over 200 types of weeds is a boon. I didn’t have to buy multiple products for different weed types.

Areas of Improvement
While Ortho Weed B-gon Lawn Weed Killer worked wonders, there are some precautions to keep in mind. It would be best to be extremely careful about where you’re spraying, especially considering the numerous non-use areas. It’s not the most versatile in that regard.

The Verdict
Ortho Weed B-gon Lawn Weed Killer is a robust solution for those looking to tackle a broad spectrum of weeds without harming their lawn. The Comfort Wand is an added bonus that simplifies the application process. 

While it requires patience to see the full effects, the results are worth waiting for. Given its efficacy and my positive experience, I’d highly recommend trying this product to maintain a weed-free, lush lawn.

Finding a product that balances efficiency and lawn safety in lawn care is rare. Ortho Weed B-gon Lawn Weed Killer manages to do just that. If you’re on the hunt for a reliable weed killer like me, this might be the solution you’ve been searching for.

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