Sevin vs Spectracide Insect Killer

Insect infestations can quickly damage lawns, gardens, and landscaping. Sevin and Spectracide are two popular insecticide brands that can help control pests outdoors. But how do you know which one is right for your needs?

This article compares the key features of Sevin Insect Killer Ready to Spray and Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer Concentrate to help you decide.

Triazicide vs Sevin

Here’s a comparison chart that presents the main differences in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

Spectracide Sevin
Active Ingredient Gamma-Cyhalothrin Active Ingredient Zeta-cypermethrin
Coverage Up to 5,120 sq ft from 32 oz concentrate Adjustable nozzle for coverage
Ready to Spray or concentrate with water Ready to Spray
Target Pests 260+ including fleas, ticks, beetles Target Pests 500+ including ants, aphids, caterpillars, cockroaches
Residual Effect Up to 12 weeks Residual Effect Up to 3 months
Outdoors only on lawns, trees, shrubs Outdoors only on gardens, lawns, trees
Money-Back Guarantee, if not satisfied Money-Back Guarantee, if not satisfied
Delay watering 24 hrs after application Do not apply if rain expected in 24 hrs
Pet Safe Once spray dries Pet Safe Once spray dries


Spectracide Triazicide is a contact insecticide for lawns and landscapes, available as a ready-to-spray concentrate that easily attaches to a garden hose.

Sevin Insect Killer Ready to Spray is a versatile solution for controlling a wide variety of insects. It can be applied to plants, trees, soil, and lawns, and is approved by the California Department of Food and Agriculture for managing invasive species. This insecticide kills on contact, making it an effective way to combat harmful pests.

Main Difference

The main difference between Sevin and Spectracide is the types of active ingredients. Sevin contains zeta-cypermethrin, while Spectracide contains gamma-cyhalothrin.

Both provide broad-spectrum insect control but may have slight differences in effectiveness for specific pests.

Active Ingredient

The active ingredient in Sevin Ready to Spray is zeta-cypermethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. It works by quickly paralyzing and killing insects through contact and ingestion.

Spectracide Triazicide contains gamma-cyhalothrin as the active ingredient, also a pyrethroid insecticide. Both provide control of a wide variety of common insects. However, zeta-cypermethrin may offer slightly better residual effectiveness over time.


The ready-to-use Sevin formula can cover variable areas depending on the severity of infestation and spray pattern setting. Adjust the nozzle for a narrow-focused stream or wide fan spray.

For the 32 oz concentrate version of Spectracide Triazicide, coverage is up to 5,120 sq ft of lawn space after mixing as directed. So, Spectracide may cover larger areas, but Sevin allows more flexible applications based on your specific needs.

Mixing Ratio

One advantage of Sevin is that it’s available as a ready-to-spray formula that requires no mixing. Simply attach the container to your garden hose for application. Spectracide Triazicide must be manually mixed with water according to label instructions before use.

This means taking the time to correctly measure and mix the concentrate. However, the concentrate allows flexibility to make smaller or larger volumes of finished spray.

Target Pests

Both Sevin and Spectracide are effective against a wide range of common insect pests. Sevin claims to kill over 500 different insects like ants, aphids, beetles, caterpillars, cockroaches, and more.

Spectracide also controls over 260 listed pests, including ants, fleas, ticks, grubs, and beetles. Sevin seems to have a broader label for problems, but both cover the most problematic garden and landscape insects.

Residual Effect

An important difference is the residual effectiveness after application. Sevin binds tightly to surfaces and works for up to 3 months, while Spectracide lasts up to 12 weeks.

This longer-lasting residual action can give added control to Sevin. However, Spectracide is still effective for up to 3 months for most pests.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

It’s important to note that neither Sevin nor Spectracide are labeled for use indoors. Both products are approved for outdoor use only around the exterior of homes.

Spectracide is designed for lawns, gardens, trees, and shrubs. Sevin can be used on lawns, ornamentals, gardens, and other outdoor areas. Make sure to follow all label directions carefully.

Money-Back Guarantee

Both brands provide a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If Sevin doesn’t provide the expected results, the company states you can get your money back.

Spectracide also promises effectiveness or your money back. This gives confidence in the performance of both products.

Rain Fastness

You’ll need to allow time for the sprays to dry before exposure to rain. Sevin requires at least 24 hours of dry time before rain so the product won’t wash away.

Spectracide needs approximately 24 hours before expected rain or watering. Planning applications accordingly will help get the most benefit.

Pet Safety

The ready-to-use Sevin formula is safe for pets once the spray has dried completely. Spectracide also claims to be pet-safe after drying. As with any lawn and garden chemical, it’s wise to keep pets off-treated areas until the spray has thoroughly dried.

Our Observation
Spectracide Triazicide and Sevin Insect Killer Ready to Spray are both contact insecticides intended for outdoor use on lawns, gardens, and trees. Spectracide claims to kill 260+ insect pests compared to 500+ for Sevin.

Both provide residual protection against pests for up to 3 months after application. Sevin offers adjustable spray nozzles for more precise coverage compared to Spectracide

Neither product should be applied in rainy conditions or when plants are wet. Once dried, both insecticides are considered pet-safe.

In summary, Spectracide and Sevin are comparable outdoor contact insecticides with similar residual effects, though Sevin claims to control a broader range of pests and offers more adjustable applications.

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