Spectracide Vs Spectracide Pro

The main difference between SpectracidePRO Wasp & Hornet Killer and Spectracide Wasp and Hornet Killer3 is the active ingredients.

SpectracidePRO contains Tetramethrin, Permethrin, and Piperonyl Butoxide, while Spectracide contains Prallethrin and Lambda-Cyhalothrin. This means that Spectracide Pro Wasp Killer is more concentrated and has a faster knockdown rate.

Spectracide Pro vs Spectracide

This table of comparison will assist you in identifying the main differences between these two products.


Spectracide Pro

Active Ingredient Is Prallethrin 0.025%, Lambda-Cyhalothrin 0.010%

Active Ingredient Is Tetramethrin 0.10%, Permethrin 0.25%, Piperonyl Butoxide 0.50%

Dielectric breakdown voltage of 47,000 volts

Dielectric breakdown voltage of 47,300 volts

Jet spray reaches nests up to 27 feet away

Jet spray reaches nests up to 20 feet away

Kills on contact

Fast knockdown

Also Kill Insects That Return To The Nest Over The Next Few Days

Kills returning wasps and hornets for up to 4 weeks

Available Sizes 20 oz, 18.5 oz, 20 oz Twin Pack

Available Size 18 Oz

Effective against stinging wasps and hornets

Designed to kill wasps, hornets and yellow jackets

Wait at least 24 hours before removing treated nests

Wait at least 24 hours before removing the nest

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients in SpectracidePRO Wasp & Hornet Killer are Tetramethrin at 0.10%, Permethrin at 0.25%, and Piperonyl Butoxide at 0.50%.

The main active ingredients in Spectracide Wasp and Hornet Killer3 are Prallethrin at 0.025% and Lambda-Cyhalothrin at 0.010%. While the ingredients differ, they work similarly to kill wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets on contact.

Action Mechanism

Both SpectracidePRO and regular Spectracide work by killing stinging insects on contact when sprayed directly on them or their nests. The insecticides disrupt the nervous systems of wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets, leading to paralysis and death.

This quick knockdown effect helps provide control by eliminating the insects before they can sting. The long-lasting formulas also kill insects returning to the nest for up to 4 weeks.

Product Sizes

SpectracidePRO Wasp & Hornet Killer is sold in an 18 oz can, providing enough to treat multiple nests.

Spectracide Wasp and Hornet Killer3 come in 20 oz, 18.5 oz, and a 20 oz twin pack for larger infestations. The twin pack offers the most value for treating nests around the home.

Jet Spray Reach

One key difference between the two products is the jet spray reach. SpectracidePRO provides a powerful spray that can hit nests up to 20 feet away, allowing users to stand at a safer distance.

Spectracide Wasp and Hornet Killer3 have an impressive 27-foot jet spray reach for hitting high or difficult nest locations without getting too close.

Target Pests

Both products are effective at killing and controlling nests of hornets, yellow jackets, wasps, and mud daubers. Spectracide also claims to kill tent caterpillars, scorpions, and ants.

Overall, they target the same key stinging pests, but Spectracide provides control over a slightly more comprehensive range.

Usage Instructions

The usage instructions are very similar between the two wasp and hornet killers. Both recommend applying at sunrise or sunset when stinging insects are least active, and the nests are calmer.

They advise standing a safe distance away and avoiding any spray drift. As with all insecticides, they are meant to be used outdoors only.


Both are formulated to be non-staining when appropriately applied. This means they can be sprayed on most common home siding materials without leaving behind stains or marks.

However, the non-staining feature depends on the age and cleanliness of the surfaces.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

It is crucial only to use SpectracidePRO and Spectracide wasp and hornet sprays outdoors. The products are highly concentrated insecticides designed to eliminate entire nests in one application.

Using indoors could lead to health issues and breathing problems. Both labels clearly state they are for outdoor use only.

Residual Effect

The powerful insecticides in these products deliver fast knockdown followed by long-lasting control.

SpectracidePRO keeps working for up to 4 weeks by killing wasps and hornets that return to the nest after treatment. Spectracide also continues working for several days to eliminate any remaining pests.

Nest Removal

When getting rid of wasp or hornet nests, both brands recommend leaving the nests in place for at least 24 hours after treatment before attempting removal.

It’s safest to spray in the evening, allow the product to work overnight, and then remove and discard the nest the following day once all the insects are dead. This helps prevent stings from any surviving wasps.

Our Observation
Based on our observation, Spectracide Pro Wasp & Hornet Killer is the best choice when highly potent and long-lasting control is critical. The higher concentrations of Tetramethrin and Permethrin provide up to 4 weeks of residual effects.

For more typical wasp nests, regular Spectracide provides sufficient strength at a more affordable price point. The further 27-foot spray reach is also advantageous for hard-to-access nests.

Overall, we recommend Spectracide Pro for severe infestations and regular Spectracide for general use based on insecticidal power and value.

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