Temprid Fx Vs Talstar P Insecticide

This blog post compares Temprid FX Insecticide and Talstar P Professional Insecticide. We will discuss what each product offers and which would be better for different scenarios.

For instance, if you have pets or children, you may choose the Talstar P Professional insecticide because it is not harmful if ingested. If this does not apply to you, read for more information on these two products!

Temprid FX Vs Talstar P Table

How do you know which pest control products to use? Let’s look at these options in more detail so you can make an informed decision!

Temprid Fx

Talstar P

Active Ingredient Imidacloprid 21%

Active Ingredient Bifenthrin 7.9%

Controls Over 50 Nuisance Pests

Kills Over 75 Insects In The Household

Pet Safe After Dry

Pet safe Yes (Safe when Dry)

Can Be Used Both Indoors And Outside

Can Be Used Both Indoors & Outdoors

8ml Bottles Make 1 Gallon Of Finished Solution

0.5-1 Oz. Per Gallon Of Water Per 1,000 Sq.

 No Odor & Non Staining

Low Odor, No Staining & No Plant Burn

Quick Knockdown & Long Lasting Control

It Is Labeled For Food-handling Areas Such As Kitchens Or Food Processing Plants.

Lasts Up To 90 Days Indoors And 30 Days Outdoors

Compatible With Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides And Liquid Fertilizers.

It kills Mosquitoes, Ants, Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Clothes Moths, Clover Mites, Cluster Flies, Cockroaches And Others

It kills Stink Bugs, Bed Bugs, Scorpions, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, Ticks, Fleas, Pillbugs, Chinch Bugs, Earwigs, Millipedes, Dichondra Flea Beetles, Spittlebugs and others

Top Similarities
Here is the list of top similarities between these two products that highlight their shared characteristics, helping us draw insightful connections and better understand their interrelated nature.

  • Broad Spectrum Control: Both Temprid FX and Talstar P are multi-purpose insecticides that can be used to combat a wide variety of insect pests (over 50 types for Temprid FX and over 75 for Talstar P).
  • Long-lasting Effects: Both products have a long residual effect, meaning they continue to kill pests for an extended period after application (up to 90 days for Temprid FX indoors and 30 days outdoors, up to 3 months for Talstar P).
  • Indoor and Outdoor Usage: Both products can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Non-Staining Formulation: Both products are formulated to be low-odor and non-staining.
  • Safe for Pets: Both products are safe for pets when used as directed and allowed to dry completely.


Top Differences
In terms of their composition and effectiveness, there are several notable differences between Temprid FX and Talstar P insecticides, making them distinct choices for pest control.

  • Active Ingredients: Temprid FX uses imidacloprid (21%) and beta-cyfluthrin (10.5%) as active ingredients, while Talstar P uses bifenthrin (7.9%).
  • Specific Pests Targeted: While both products tackle many pests, some specific pests are listed differently in their descriptions. For example, Temprid FX specifically lists treatment for mosquitoes and use on ornamentals, while Talstar P lists treatment for termites and doesn’t recommend use in food and vegetable gardens.
  • Application Instructions: The application instructions differ slightly. Temprid FX recommends a perimeter spray around the home’s foundation, while Talstar P does not.
  • Indoor Use Restriction for NY: Temprid FX can only be used indoors in New York, while no such restriction is mentioned for Talstar P.
  • Product Volume: The Temprid FX product described is an 8mL bottle that makes 1 gallon of solution, while the Talstar P product described is a 1Qt concentrate that yields 32-96 finished gallons.

Temprid FX Insecticide

Temprid FX Insecticide, a multi-purpose suspension concentrate, is a formidable solution to pest problems, offering wide-ranging flexibility in combating over 50 insect pests. Key pests addressed include ants, bed bugs, roaches, spiders, and hard-to-kill insects like scorpions.

The product owes its potent effectiveness to combining two active ingredients – beta-cyfluthrin and imidacloprid- ensuring a quick knockdown and long-lasting control.

Temprid FX can be applied indoors and outdoors for maximum efficacy, including in problematic areas such as water pipes, doors, windows, and baseboards. A noteworthy feature is its ability to provide a protective perimeter around the home (3 feet up and 3 feet out around the foundation), acting as a preventive measure against future infestations.

Temprid FX provides prolonged control, lasting up to 90 days indoors and 30 days outdoors. Notably, the dual active ingredients help circumvent potential insect resistance. Its low-odor, non-staining formulation is also a considerable advantage.

While Temprid FX has replaced the discontinued Temprid SC, it retains the same active ingredients, with an expanded label permitting the treatment of mosquitoes and use of ornamentals. Overall, Temprid FX is a powerful, flexible tool for pest control, delivering effective and long-lasting results.

Talstar P Insecticide

Talstar P is a versatile pesticide known for its extensive application range, offering users a comprehensive solution for indoor and outdoor pest control. This product stands out for its ability to be used in food handling areas, turf, ornamental treatments, and yard sprays, making it a flexible option for both residential and commercial environments.

One of the significant advantages of Talstar P is its long-lasting control. With a residual effect that can last up to three months, it provides extended protection against pests, reducing the frequency of application needed. Furthermore, despite its potency, Talstar P has a low impact on the environment. It is odorless, dries clear, doesn’t stain, and doesn’t irritate the skin, making it a user-friendly pesticide. The product also exhibits resistance to breakdown from rainfall, preserving its effectiveness despite weather conditions.

Talstar P’s safety extends to pets, too. It is harmless to pets once dry, providing peace of mind to pet owners. The product’s ease of mixing and compatibility with other pesticides, adjuvants, insect growth regulators, and various other substances further enhances its versatility.

Talstar P’s water-based nature and lack of an alpha cyano group prevent it from damaging plants or causing irritation, reinforcing its suitability for both indoor and outdoor use. However, it’s worth noting that it’s not suitable for broad interior surface spraying or use in food & vegetable gardens.

Its application is relatively straightforward, requiring a sprayer. A 1 Qt. concentrate yields 32-96 finished gallons, covering 0.5 – 1 oz. per gallon of water per 1,000 sq. ft., offering considerable coverage. Despite its minor drawbacks, Talstar P remains a valuable tool for robust and versatile pest control.

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