What Are White Albino Roaches?
images of white albinos

The white roaches are the nastiest species of the Blattidae family. They are also known as albino roaches or molting cockroaches. These species are the regular roaches in which white colors result from molting. The wriggle runs for food and water everywhere when cockroaches burst out from their egg sacks.

They are white by born. By the time the critters grow, there are some stages of molting in their life. Their disgusting body turns from white to black-brown. And when they molt, they start to leave their black-brown shells. As a result, they grow a new exoskeleton and turn back into their creamy shells. These chemical reaction takes a few hours to change the shells. The white ones are too rare to be seen.

They are hiding most of the time from their shell molting. They usually hide in dark and damp places. The molting process of the roach doesn’t affect their shells, and it also loses the pigmentation of their body.

What Is a White Roach?

The common cockroach species did not develop their skin/shell molting ages. After bursting out of the egg, they go through some developing molting stage. These stages build their shell, body chemical, body pigmentation, etc. some of them cannot develop their outer shell in molting stages. As a result, their dark brown shells reform into a white/creamy color. Some may call it albino, but the reformation of the shell is not the cause of Albinism.

What Does Albino Mean?

Generally, a person or animal has a congenital absence of melanin pigment, which gives hair and eyes color .it’s a sporadic disease found in every five people of 100,000. The disorder calls Albinism. The affected person’s hair and skin remain white throughout life. It also causes eyes problem. The lead singer of a 1970’s rock group called Edgar Winters Group also affected Albinism.

Is White Cockroach Poisonous?

If you saw a white cockroach in your house, you will be astonished as they are sporadic. Then you might think that they are poisonous. Well, they do not have any unique toxic characteristics. Trey is like other roaches; you can think viciously like every cockroach is poisonous. They all carry germs that can cause a disease to children and pets.

I suggest you clean your house and seal all the entrances so they can’t enter the house. It will reduce the amount in your home.

Do White Roaches Bite?

Most of them are omnivores. They usually eat dead plants and rotten meats. But there are several records that they eat human flesh, dead or alive. They likely bite human fingernails, eyelashes, skins, and hairs. They usually do not dare to bite a live human. A large amount of infestation may cause them food shortages and lack of feeding or if they cannot find other food sources or places to hide.

In that case, roaches are forced to consume something instead of food. In that case, the cockroaches are forward to living bodies. It is recorded that this only happens in vessels, big boats, or ships. The bites may cause irritation, lesion, and some other health problems. Sometimes minor wounds would happen.

What Makes a Roach White?

The white color of a cockroach is because they lose most of the pigmentation in their bodies when they molt. This happens when they shed their outer shell. It usually takes a few hours for the pigmentation to come back.


The white roaches are the nastiest and rarest of the Blattidae family. They are known as albino roaches or molting cockroaches because their disgusting body turns from white to black-brown during molting. These cockroaches usually hide in dark and damp places, and the molting process of the roach doesn’t affect their shells.

They are also known to bite humans, but this only happens in cases of large infestations. Otherwise, they are just like any other cockroach and can cause diseases. If you see one, it is best to clean your house and seal all entrances so they cannot enter.

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