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There are many products on the market to kill rats. Which one do you use? If you want a compelling product that leaves no trace, then Tomcat Rat Poison may be your best option. But if you need something quick and easy to apply, D-Con may be better for you. It all depends on what type of rat problem you have!

Tomcat vs Dcon Table

This table chart will help you to understand the difference between Dcon and Tomcat at a glance.



D-Con Contains Cholecalciferol

Tomcat Contains Bromadiolone

Bait Is In Solid Form & Comes With 12 Refill

Bait Is In Solid Form & Comes With 16 Refill

Weather Resistant Bait Station

Weather And Tamper Proof

Design To Use In Indoor

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Mice Can Not Resist Tasty D-con Bait

Mice Can Not Resist Tasty Tomcat Bait

Mice Start To Die At Day 3

Each Bait Block Kills Up To 12 Mice

If You Don't See Chew Marks On The Bait After A Few Days, Try Place It To Another Area

Easy Bait Monitoring So You Can Replace It When Empty

The Bait Has A Sweetish, Faint Odor Or Scent.

The Bait Appeals To Rodents' Desire To Gnaw Due To Its Unique, Proprietary Extrusion Process.

Kills Norway Rats, Roof Rats, And House Mice

Kills Norway Rats, Roof Rats, And House Mice

Can Be Used Attic, Kitchen/pantry, Basement, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Living Room, Laundry Room, Garage And Shed

Can Be Used Entry & Garage Doors, Below Windows, Near Utilities And Any Other Areas Where Rodents Tend To Hide

Key Similarities

  • Both baits are designed to manage and reduce rat and mice infestations. They are effective against common species like Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice.
  • Both brands have developed formulas that are attractive to rats and mice, improving the effectiveness of the bait.
  • Neither product causes bait shyness. This means that rodents don’t become wary of the bait after seeing other rodents die from it.
  • The bait stations from both brands are designed to be safe around children when used as directed.
  • Both products claim to be effective against rodents resistant to other poisons.
  • Both products come with a refillable bait station.

Top Differences

  • Tomcat Bait uses Bromadiolone or Bromethalin, depending on the variant. D-Con uses Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3). Bromadiolone and Bromethalin are anticoagulants and neurotoxins, respectively, while Cholecalciferol causes an excess of calcium in the rodents’ blood leading to kidney failure.
  • Tomcat Bait comes in bulk and in pre-measured packs, useful for various application methods. In contrast, d-Con is available only in small packs of 12 refill bait blocks.
  • Tomcat bait is helpful for various application methods, including hard-to-reach places, bait stations, and burrows. In contrast, d-Con bait stations are suitable for indoor use, including around the house and in garages.
  • Vitamin K1 can be used as an antidote if necessary for Tomcat Bait. However, there’s no known antidote for d-Con’s active ingredient, Cholecalciferol.
  •  The Bromethalin variant of Tomcat bait acts faster than anticoagulant baits, while the action speed of d-Con is faster, and you can see the dead rat within three days specified.

Short Review of D-Con

The d-Con bait station is a highly effective and safe solution designed to reduce rat and mice infestations. What makes it stand out among other products in the market is its active ingredient, Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), a compound lethal to rodents but safe for humans and pets. 

Cholecalciferol leads to excess calcium in rodents’ blood, causing kidney failure and death. One of the significant advantages of the d-Con bait station is its negligible risk of secondary poisoning, meaning that pets and other predatory animals are unlikely to be poisoned if they consume rodents that have died from the bait. 

Designed for indoor use, the gray/green bait station is large enough to cater to various rodent species, including Norway rats, Roof rats, and house mice, thus offering broad-spectrum pest control. However, the bait station is available only in small packs of 12 refill bait blocks, which might not suffice for larger premises or severe infestations. 

A distinctive faint, sweetish scent from the bait station helps attract the rodents, increasing its effectiveness. With its unique combination of efficacy and safety, the d-Con bait station presents an excellent option for rodent control, particularly in households with children and pets.

Short of Tomcat Rat & Mouse Bait

In the fight against rodents, TOMCAT Rat & Mouse Bait stands out as a robust and efficient solution. This product delivers high potency against pesky Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice, including those that have developed resistance to anticoagulants.

With an impressive killing capacity – a 1 oz. block can exterminate up to 12 mice, and a 4 oz. block can dispatch up to 10 rats – TOMCAT Rat & Mouse Bait is a strategic ally in preventing minor rodent problems from escalating into full-blown infestations.

The secret to the superior performance of TOMCAT Bait lies in its active ingredient, Bromadiolone. This compound assures outstanding rodent acceptance and control, even extending to Warfarin-resistant rats. Furthermore, the advanced formulation process of the bait allows it to withstand adverse or moist conditions, maintaining its effectiveness even under challenging circumstances.

One remarkable aspect of TOMCAT Rat & Mouse Bait is that rodents can consume a lethal dose in just one feeding. This quick-action feature is augmented by the fact that rodents can translocate pellets, spreading the deadly bait throughout their territory.

A unique aspect of the TOMCAT product is its packaging. The bait comes in bulk and in pre-measured poly glassine place pacs. These pacs not only keep the pellets fresh and free from contaminating odors, but they also provide a clever delivery method.

Rodents open the place pacs with their gnawing, while the slender design of these pacs allows them to be used in hard-to-reach locations, in bait stations placed along rodent runways, or the pellets can be poured down burrows.

TOMCAT has also managed to bypass the issue of bait shyness, a common obstacle in rodent control efforts. As the bait’s mortality effect occurs a few days after consumption, rodents do not associate the bait with danger. This feature, coupled with an available antidote of Vitamin K1, makes TOMCAT Bait a reliable and safe option for rodent control.

An exciting variant of the product features Bromethalin as the active ingredient. This version excels in controlling high rodent populations and severe infestations due to its fast-acting, non-anticoagulant nature. Bromethalin disrupts the rodents’ nervous system, inhibiting ATP and thus preventing energy transfer across nerve cells.

Our Observation
Both Tomcat and d-Con are effective at controlling rodent infestations, and the optimal choice will depend on your specific circumstances. Tomcat Rat & Mouse Bait has a high potency, with a small quantity being able to exterminate a large number of rodents.

This product comes in versatile packaging for different applications, including hard-to-reach areas, bait stations, and burrows. It also has an available antidote (Vitamin K1) for the active ingredient, an essential safety feature. Tomcat offers different variants using either Bromadiolone or Bromethalin, offering flexibility in terms of speed and type of action.

On the other hand, d-Con is safer for households with children and pets. Its active ingredient, Cholecalciferol, presents a minimal risk of secondary poisoning to pets or other predatory animals. However, d-Con is only available in small packs and is primarily designed for indoor use.

The product also lacks a known antidote for its active ingredient. So, if you’re dealing with a large-scale infestation or require an outdoor application, Tomcat might be a more suitable choice. If safety around pets and children is your primary concern, d-Con would be the better option.

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