Katchy vs Dynatrap Mosquito Traps

Mosquito season is here, and many people are looking for the best mosquito trap to keep their family safe from nasty bites. There are a lot of traps out there on the market today, but which one is the best? We’ve compared two of the top brands to help you make an informed decision. Katchy Mosquito Trap vs Dynatrap Mosquito Trap: which one will work better for you and your family?

Katchy vs Dynatrap Table

Katchy and Dynatrap are two leading brands in the mosquito trap industry. Both companies have been around for a long time, but which one is best? In this Table we will explore their differences and similarities to help you decide which one would be better for you.



Indoor Insect Trap

Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor

3x Trap Power The UV Light To Attracts Insects

3 Way Protection For Your Home And Property

Turn Off Lights For Best Results

Plugs In To Standard 120v Outlet

Works Best When Placed Near Fruit, Plants, Or Trash

Delivers Up To 1/2 Acre Of Coverage

No More Ugly Traps Or Fly Paper

No Expensive Attractant Or Propane Required

Sticky Glue Boards Trap It. No Zapper

Durable All Weather Construction

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

One Year Warranty

It Kills Fruit Flies, Gnats And Mosquitoes

Also Can Kills Insects Like Moths, Blackflies And Ladybugs

Why Compare

The two mosquito traps have many similarities, but there are some differences that you may want to know about. For example, the Katchy Mosquito Trap has a wider catch range than Dynatrap does which means it will be able to protect more people and areas from mosquitoes.

On the other hand, Dynatrap is safer for use in indoors as it doesn’t produce any carbon dioxide or propane. It also uses less energy so costs much less money over time. So what trap should you buy? It depends on what your needs are.

If you need something safe for indoor use then go with Dynatrap because this won’t work outdoors where CO₂ concentrations can build up near humans. Otherwise if you are looking for a trap that covers an outdoor space then the Katchy is probably stronger.

Katchy Mosquito Trap Reiew

Katchy is a well-loved mosquito trap and has been around for years. The product comes with several features that make it stand out, including a large net to capture more mosquitoes than other traps on the market; an easy setup process without any tools needed; no chemicals or pesticides used in this trap. There are also two different ways you can use this trap–either indoors or outdoors.

It comes with a wide net which is one of the biggest advantages it has over other traps on the market. This means that you can cover a larger area and protect more people from mosquito bites.

KATCHY has a safe indoor insect trap. It catches fruit flies, gnats and mosquitoes with UV light. The fan sucks up the bug and it sticks to the sticky boards inside. This is a decorative item for your home. It can go in the kitchen, office, or outside. This is better than no traps or fly paper because it will not get bugs on it.

You can put this near fruit, plants, or a trash bin and turn off the lights to make it work best. KATCHY reduces bugs. It does not kill them all and is not a replacement for bug repellent/control system. KATCHY does not trap large house flies. You can choose between an automatic or manual setting to make it work best for you!

As for safety, there aren’t any chemicals or pesticides used which means you don’t need to worry about getting bitten by bugs inside the net while they’re trying to get caught!

Dynatrap Mosquito Trap: This company offers both indoor and outdoor versions of their popular mosquito traps, but they only offer one size option so it might not work as well for larger yards if there’s a lot of ground space to cover. Their smaller version does come at about half the cost of the Katchy trap, making it more affordable for most homeowners.

How it Works

Simply place the mosquito trap around your desired area. You can hang it from a tree or stake if you’re using this outdoors, but for increased efficiency use stakes that are included with purchase so that mosquitoes don’t get away.

The super-effective bug trap is easy to use. There are three steps.

  1. First, the UV light attracts bugs.
  2. Then, the fan effectively sucks mosquito in.
  3. Finally, the potent sticky glue traps them inside.
  4. Bug catching glue board can last up to 4 weeks.

Since the mosquito trap works without a zapper, you’re sure to keep bugs out without bringing the mess in.

Conclusion: Ultimately it comes down to what features you need most from your mosquito trap and how much space you can cover with each trap. If you need an indoor trap then Dynatrap is the way to go. If you have a larger space and want to protect more of your property, then Katchy will be better for that purpose.

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