Yates Zero Weedkiller Review

Gardening is an art. But just like any canvas, your garden is subject to unwelcome elements that can muddle the aesthetic you’ve worked hard to create.

The unruly elements in the garden are usually weeds and unwanted grass. The Yates Zero Weedkiller promises an effective, economical, and easy solution to maintaining a weed-free environment.

Quick Overview

Feature Description
Type Non-selective herbicide
Main Ingredient Glyphosate
Use Cases Garden beds, paths, driveways, rockeries, etc.
Safety Safe for pets and children post drying
Rainproof 2 hours
Soil Activity Non-active
Concentration 1L makes up to 250L (for the super concentrate)
Storage Cool, dry place away from sunlight

What is Yates Zero Weedkiller?

Yates Zero Weedkiller is a non-selective herbicide solution designed to eliminate a vast range of grasses and broadleaf weeds. As a super concentrate, it thoroughly destroys weeds from their foliage to their roots. 

It’s specifically tailored for use in varied garden areas, including rockeries, garden beds, paths, driveways, and fence lines. One of the most notable properties of Yates Zero is that it’s not active in the soil. This means that once you’ve applied it and it has dried, you can safely plant new flora without any harm.


  • Economical: With 1L making up to 250L of spray, Yates Zero Weedkiller is undeniably economical. This volume is sufficient to treat a large garden area, ensuring value for money.
  • Fast-acting: The weedkiller boasts of a 2-hour rainproof feature. If you’ve sprayed it and it rains after two hours, there’s no need for a reapplication, saving time and effort.
  • Safety: One of the primary concerns for many gardeners is safety, especially for pets and children. Yates Zero Weedkiller is safe for both once dried, allowing for peace of mind post-application.
  • Non-residual: This feature ensures the solution does not linger in the soil, preventing future growth issues.
  • Comprehensive Control: From common grasses and broadleaf weeds to more stubborn varieties like bamboo, lantana, and blackberry, this solution handles them all.

Directions for Use

Depending on the type of weed, the usage of Yates Zero varies. Broadleaf weeds and grasses, for instance, require a rate of 4 – 8 mL per L of water. A higher concentration of 103mL per L of water is required for unwanted trees.

where the cut surface of the tree needs to be soaked using a spray or paintbrush. As specified above, the complete directions should be followed for optimal results.

Ingredient Profile

The primary active ingredient in Yates Zero Weedkiller is Glyphosate, at a concentration of 7.2g/L in the regular variant and 490g/L as isopropylamine salt in the 490 concentrate variant. Glyphosate is known for its efficiency in weed control, ensuring comprehensive extermination.


To maintain its efficacy, Yates Zero Weedkiller should be stored in its original container, away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place, and most importantly, out of children’s reach.

Yates Zero Weedkiller proves to be a potent tool in the arsenal of gardeners battling persistent weeds. Its broad range of applications, combined with the economy of use and effectiveness, makes it a noteworthy product. However, caution and adherence to directions are vital to ensure that desired plants remain unaffected.

Gardening is a labor of love. And with Yates Zero Weedkiller, the labor just got a little easier. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or an everyday gardener, this product promises to give you a garden free from the tenacity of weeds.

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